a female owned & led global brand design consultancy

We build powerful brands by creating meaningful connections with consumers.

We use design as a strategic differentiator to drive consumer preference and deliver measurable business growth.

Women represent 85% of consumer spending in the U.S. Our unique ability to uncover deep insights and boldly respond to them is at the heart of our approach to design thinking and brand building.


Female Owned & Led

We’re a certified Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE)

Elle Morris
President & CEO
Kelly Glotzer
V.P. Client Services
Jennifer Murtell
V.P. Strategy
Tina Kunkel
Strategy Director

Design Thinking Guides the Way We Work

We believe design can create value & preference

We use design to its full strategic potential to drive consumer preference for brands and deliver measurable business growth. It leads to innovative thinking, new-to-the-world brand expressions, and experiences that haven’t been considered before.

We use the power of design to problem-solve, to create and evaluate multiple strategies and concepts, to visualize those ideas and solutions, and to communicate the value of brands and their products.

Flexible Model
We provide flexibility where and when you need it. The work clients need us to do isn’t always suited to a singular, linear project management model. So we can customize the ways that our capabilities and process intersect.
Global Reach
Manhattan, Mexico City, Singapore, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Dubai, London, Tokyo, Mumbai, Toronto…Consumers live everywhere and so do our seasoned creatives and strategic partners. Our global relationships succeed because they’ve grown from mutual respect and a shared passion for design.
Agile Approach
Whether you need to reframe your brand’s portfolio architecture to create a road map for growth and elasticity, or you’re looking for a new-to-the-world look for your brand and packaging, we can quickly and effectively customize our methods and tools to fit your specific challenges. They can be right-sized to fit the scope of any project.


Our core offering.

Brand Strategy
  • Trends & Forecasting
  • Semiotics Audits/Analysis
  • Competitive Positioning Audits
  • Retail Audits
  • Positioning Whitespace Analysis
  • Equity Building Workshops
  • Equity Assessment Research
  • Brand Positioning Workshops
  • Brand Architecture
  • Consumer Research & Insights
  • Equity Foundation Development
  • Consumer Segmentation & Activation
  • Brand Tone of Voice
  • Nomenclature Development
  • Content & Copy Writing
  • Brand Brief
  • Brand & Culture Safaris
Innovation Strategy
  • Portfolio Architecture
  • Upstream Innovation Ideation
  • New Concept Creation
  • Product Positioning
Design Strategy
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Package Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Brand Experience Design
  • Retail Activation
  • Design/Pillar Themes
  • End Benefit Visualizations
  • Visual Identity Toolkits
  • Design Standards & Guidelines
  • 3D Visualization

Work Snapshots

Identity Design | Package Design | Photography | 3D Visualization

Package Design | 3D Visualization

Retail Audit | Package Design | Illustration | 3D Visualization

Equity Building Workshop | Equity Foundation Development | Consumer Segmentation & Activation | Culture Safari (Barista) | Competitive Positioning Audit | Semiotics Audit | Positioning Whitespace Audit | Consumer Research | Product Positioning | Package Design | Identity Design | Standards & Guidelines

Package Design | Retail Audit | Brand Identity Design | 3D Visualization

Portfolio Architecture | Competitive Positioning Audit | Concept Development | Consumer Research & Insights | Brand Tone of Voice | Brand Identity Design | Nomenclature Development | Package Design | Brand Brief

Brand Identity Design | Stationery | Signage | Advertising | Website

Identity Design | Package Design | Photography | POS

Equity Assessment Research | Consumer Research & Insights | Brand Architecture | Brand Identity | Package Design | 3D Visualization | Style Guide

We Are Seasoned

Long in the tooth, with creativity as our wheelhouse. We’ve been at this for awhile. There’s no one green on this team. Collectively we have worked on some incredible brands as individuals all over the world. Here’s a smattering of the clients we have worked on as SnapDragon:


Industry Thought Leaders

As thought leaders, we enjoy sharing our industry point of view.

May 14, 2020 | Jen Murtell
Making Semiotics Work (via AMA.org)
How the meaning derived from signs and symbols can help you unlock a more resonant communication strategy …

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March 12, 2020 | Ben Jura
The Value of Anthropology as a Design Input (via AMA.org)
How designers and marketers can uncover a segment’s choices in order to craft a useful brand strategy…

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September 19, 2019 | Elle Morris
How the Buying Habits of American Beauty Consumers Differ (via Beauty Packaging)
What do Caucasian, Latina & African American women – and men of all ethnicities – expect from beauty brands…

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